Tip #13 of 100 – Insert “1831” before a phone number

Insert “1831” before a phone number to keep your caller ID confidential

There are times, both professionally and personally, when you may want to protect the identity of your phone number.

1920337_261495054011702_2054714390_n(new)Circumstances may include:

(a) a long-term debtor is refusing to respond to your normal calls as they can see your number (e.g. “Where’s my **** money!”)

(b) you want to leave a secret Valentine’s Day message (e.g. “Guess who’s over 2 weeks late… honey!”)

(c) you want to ring your competition to find out how much they charge (e.g. “Really? You charge that much!”)

(d) all of the above (perhaps you should contact your provider for permanent caller ID blocking!!)

Seriously, this function does have practical uses both in the workplace and at home.

Does anyone else know of any funky phone features that they can share?