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RegisterOnline (ROL RENTALS)

RegisterOnline, which automatically schedules, registers, books and reports on property viewings.

40 percent of enquiries are received outside of office hours, so why not provide a Booking System that enables tenants to book into your available appointments without having to wait for your return email.

ROL Rentals is your agent branded online booking system that allows prospective tenants and buyers to book viewings 24/7.

When a tenant registers for a viewing they will automatically;

  • Receive confirmation and information regarding their appointment including your office application form
  • Receive an inspection reminder giving them an easy way to cancel if they can  no longer attend
  • If you rent a property, or need to change or cancel the viewing, all registered tenants will automatically be SMS’dROL Rentals builds you a data base where you can quickly and easily contact bulk tenants to let them know about similar properties.
  • All messages sent on your behalf refer to your website for more properties to increase traffic to your website.


MobileROL, which allows the recording and reporting of the results of viewings live while on-site.


AppTracker, which views, tracks, updates and reports on rental property application processing.


Encourage buyers to pre-register for opens, see the buyers ‘not registered’, allow buyers to book viewings from your website and build your database.


IRE BDM is a powerful Lead Generation, Tracking and Reporting tool with the sole goal of growing your rent roll. Offices generally suffer from either not enough leads, or having too many leads to manage. IRE BDM fixes both issues. Use this in tandem with the built-in reporting suite to take your business to the next level.


Keys gone missing again? The plumber said he brought them back but they are not on the hook!

We know how stressful keys can be, especially when you have tenants moving in that day.

Our KeyTracker system keeps track of all your keys and will even automatically send a “KEY OVERDUE” SMS. Agents can also be alerted when a key is taken or returned.

Instead of searching through the key book for missing signature, your receptionist can be emailed a report of all outstanding keys.


Agent App is Inspect Real Estate’s new customized, agent branded online booking system. With simple and easy to use processes you will be able to manage your Open for Inspections and identify future sellers.

Take control of your time by setting inspections based on your availability. You will know in advance who will be at your OFI’s with pre registering for buyers made easy thanks to the ‘Book an Inspection’ button which will be added to your website and listing on Checking buyers into OFI’s is quick and effortless. Simply enter the attendees mobile number to self-populate their details and access their inspection history. An SMS link can be sent to buyers enabling self-check in and to avoid fake mobile numbers. Buyers will be welcomed with a customized message being sent to all attendees upon checking in to the inspection.

Customize your post inspection messages based on the attendees’ feedback and needs. Capturing a buyer’s feedback during inspections using our rating system of positive, negative and neutral feedback. The feedback received will determine which post inspection message is sent to the buyer. Identify future business and ensure follow up by categorizing attendees on site and rating their likelihood of buying or selling a property in the near future.

Keep owner’s up to date with real time reporting by sending an instant auto populated quick report to the property owner without having to return to the office.

Attendees can easily be notified of status changes (e.g sold, price reductions, pending offers etc.)  by using the bulk SMS and email feature built in to the app. Not only will you be able to contact multiple attendees hassle free, you will also have the option to attach reports or contracts to these attendee messages.

To arrange a demo of Agent App contact your account manager today!