InspectRealEstate (IRE) is a customised, agent-branded, online booking system that allows prospective tenants (or buyers) to automatically book viewings online for rental properties (or properties for sale).

IRE is currently being used by over 600 industry leaders across Australia.

IRE offers agents an innovative way to handle their enquiries, and arrange and report on properties available for sale or rent.

IRE has been developed in response to demand for a simple, easy-to-use booking system from agents, tenants, buyers and property owners.

IRE has been built by Andrew Reece [BBus, CPA] and Mike van Raders [BE (Hons), MBA (Tech Mgt)] from the lessons learned from more than 25 years’ experience in property management, and saves everyone time and money.


InspectRealEstate saves time and money because it:

Handles enquiries instantly 24/7 – and confirms viewings automatically

Provides live data on the number of enquirers who have booked a viewing time, who are waiting for a viewing time

Provides live data and status updates on all applications that have been submitted

Generates real-time “boss” reports for principals, inspection-run schedules for property managers, and immediate on-site viewing results for property owners.


InspectRealEstate incorporates several main products:

RegisterOnline, which automatically schedules, registers, books and reports on property viewings

MobileROL, which allows the recording and reporting of the results of viewings live while on-site

AppTracker, which views, tracks, updates and reports on rental property application processing.



Allows agents to nominate viewing time ranges according to their “ideal week”

Processes all enquiries instantly and confirms viewings automatically

Allows agents to effectively handle enquiries from tenants/buyers, managed through a centrally located, ever-expanding database

Ensures agents will no longer attend a viewing, only to find that no one has arrived, eliminating “no shows” and saving time and money

Allows agents to automatically notify interested parties of new viewing times or if they are running late to a scheduled viewing

Provides live data on the number of people who have shown an interest in a property, who are waiting for a viewing time and/or who have booked a viewing time

Generates weekly reports for owners

Reduces the number phone calls and enquiries from frustrated tenants

Collects and collates valuable information without the need for duplication or manual entry

Provides agents and principals with an instant snapshot of live results through our customised, big-screen “dashboard”.