Tip #9 of 100 – ‘Tis the season…

‘Tis the season… to take the time to reflect on 2013

As another year draws to a close, you have a fantastic opportunity to reflect on what have been your personal highlights for the past 12 months.

Perhaps it was watching your daughter graduate from Year 12 and kissing her goodbye as she embarked on a week of partying at Schoolies? Or perhaps you were in the crowd watching Harry at the One Direction concert? (But I doubt it!)
You may have reached a significant milestone by signing up your 200th client – and then you celebrated by treating yourself to a new push bike. Or perhaps you went to see Harry and One Direction… again?

Regardless of what events classified as your personal highlights, it is worth taking a few moments to look back over the year and think about the good things that happened to you.

I even go so far as to jot down the top 20 highlights of my year at the end of each year, while the memories are still relatively fresh. They always make interesting reading when you go back to them after a few years have elapsed.

For example, I just found my highlights from 2002.
They included (with apologies to my family):

  • My daughter starting Grade 1 at school
  • My sister’s wedding
  • Our business’s best growth in four years
  • Dinner at the Heritage with my wife
  • Restarting touch after five years away with injury.

This year, I have developed a document to record my highlights for 2013. These are available to download below:

Download Highlights For 2013 Documents

pdfHighlights For 2013 (PDF)       wordHighlights For 2013 (Word)