Tip #15 of 100 – Laminate this flyer

10846156_372492832911923_508191141542073683_nLaminate this flyer & post to owners to encourage 10% price reductions on properties that have been vacant for more than 10 Days.

It’s getting close to peak time of the year for renting properties, but some properties may be vacant with no enquiry for greater than 10 days. To assist your team in educating property owners to rent these stubborn properties, use a third party trusted source such as Robert Bevan to highlight Best Practice rule – “if property is vacant for more than 10 days with no enquiry it requires 10% price reduction“

Download the flyer & personalise for your agency at –http://www.inspectrealestate.com.au/Trainin…/RobertBevan.pdf

PS – Inspect Real Estate makes it easy to track all the enquiries & the exact lost rent for each property.