Tip # 12 of 100 – Wearing your name badge all the time can generate business

Don’t underestimate the power of your name badge as a marketing tool.

Your name badge identifies both you and your business – and represents a simple but subtle way of communicating with potential clients.

This week, one of our clients shared a story that summed up the influence of the humble name badge.

Rod McLean, from First National Maroochydore, was out shopping when the shopping assistant, noticing his badge, said to him: “Hello, Rod. Are you in real estate?”

When he answered yes, the woman replied: “That’s great – I have a vacant property. Can you help me?”

Thanks to wearing his name badge, Rod has a potential new client.

InspectRealEstate recently ordered name badges for our team from Signs Plus (www.signsplus.com.au).
And check out the First National Maroochydore team, proudly displaying their name badges.
(BTW: First National Maroochydore was one of InspectRealEstate’s earliest supporters and this week, with five properties currently for rent, they had 159 prospective tenants register/book for inspections.)

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