Tip # 16 of 100 – How to handle the Question “How much do you charge“

It’s often said a picture tells a 1,000 words… So to answer this tricky question that new clients often ask
Cameron Ewers (Investor) & Andrew Reece (Property Manager) try to deliver some helpful hints via this video clip.

Thanks to our friends at Residential Property Manager


Tip #15 of 100 – Laminate this flyer

10846156_372492832911923_508191141542073683_nLaminate this flyer & post to owners to encourage 10% price reductions on properties that have been vacant for more than 10 Days.

It’s getting close to peak time of the year for renting properties, but some properties may be vacant with no enquiry for greater than 10 days. To assist your team in educating property owners to rent these stubborn properties, use a third party trusted source such as Robert Bevan to highlight Best Practice rule – “if property is vacant for more than 10 days with no enquiry it requires 10% price reduction“

Download the flyer & personalise for your agency at –http://www.inspectrealestate.com.au/Trainin…/RobertBevan.pdf

PS – Inspect Real Estate makes it easy to track all the enquiries & the exact lost rent for each property.

Tip #14 of 100 – Use Meeting Agenda For All New Listing Presentations

10538073_333496033478270_1050958555327774094_nA sure-fire way to impress new clients as well as maximise your precious time is to prepare a detailed agenda for meetings.

Hand the agenda to the new client at the start of the meeting: thus, you will send a strong message to clients about your professionalism, enthusiasm and organisational skills.

You will also ensure that all key topics relating to your new management will be covered, ensuring you are fully prepared for the meeting.

Your agenda should include the main areas to be covered such as:

  • Key information about the property owner including their expectations and motivation
  • Key information about your agency’s approach to property management
  • The process followed by your agency when letting properties
  • The current state of the rental market

Below is an example of the agenda I have used in the past when meeting with new potential landlords.

Download Meeting Agenda Documents

pdf Meeting Agenda (PDF)                  wordMeeting Agenda (Word)

Tip #13 of 100 – Insert “1831” before a phone number

Insert “1831” before a phone number to keep your caller ID confidential

There are times, both professionally and personally, when you may want to protect the identity of your phone number.

1920337_261495054011702_2054714390_n(new)Circumstances may include:

(a) a long-term debtor is refusing to respond to your normal calls as they can see your number (e.g. “Where’s my **** money!”)

(b) you want to leave a secret Valentine’s Day message (e.g. “Guess who’s over 2 weeks late… honey!”)

(c) you want to ring your competition to find out how much they charge (e.g. “Really? You charge that much!”)

(d) all of the above (perhaps you should contact your provider for permanent caller ID blocking!!)

Seriously, this function does have practical uses both in the workplace and at home.

Does anyone else know of any funky phone features that they can share?

Tip # 12 of 100 – Wearing your name badge all the time can generate business

Don’t underestimate the power of your name badge as a marketing tool.

Your name badge identifies both you and your business – and represents a simple but subtle way of communicating with potential clients.

This week, one of our clients shared a story that summed up the influence of the humble name badge.

Rod McLean, from First National Maroochydore, was out shopping when the shopping assistant, noticing his badge, said to him: “Hello, Rod. Are you in real estate?”

When he answered yes, the woman replied: “That’s great – I have a vacant property. Can you help me?”

Thanks to wearing his name badge, Rod has a potential new client.

InspectRealEstate recently ordered name badges for our team from Signs Plus (www.signsplus.com.au).
And check out the First National Maroochydore team, proudly displaying their name badges.
(BTW: First National Maroochydore was one of InspectRealEstate’s earliest supporters and this week, with five properties currently for rent, they had 159 prospective tenants register/book for inspections.)

1525461_259837527510788_1372836007_n 1620642_259837497510791_1811054638_n 1656099_259837560844118_2114955909_n 1899951_259837510844123_1724971705_n 1926818_259837540844120_226573678_n


Tip #11 of 100 – Use the hard-to-rent checklist

1622733_249710651856809_301297098_nEven though it is the peak time of the year for renting properties, some properties may still be sticky when it comes to finding a new tenant fast.

To assist your team in renting these stubborn properties, there are a number of things you can do. A few ideas are outlined in the ‘Hard-To-Rent’ property checklist.


Download the “Hard-To-Rent Property Checklist” below

pdfChecklist For Hard To Rent Properties (PDF)       wordChecklist For Hard To Rent Properties (Word)


PS – Thanks to the prorentals.com.au team for the development & creation of this great Checklist.

Tip #10 of 100 – Looking ahead to 2014

Looking ahead to 2014 – Will it be the best year of your life?

1536566_241742885986919_376544230_nYes, it can be – but you need to be prepared to reflect honestly on what you want to achieve, make a commitment to pursuing your chosen goals… and then take the necessary actions.

If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for to make 2014 your best year so far?

Take 15 minutes to compile your Goal/To Do List for 2014.
Grab the “Highlights for 2013” list you created here. This will provide the basis for your new list of goals/to do list. Now, you can start to document the things you want to achieve in 2014, whether they are personal or professional milestones.

Do you want to help a further 100 customers?
Do you want to see Harry and One Direction only once this year? (I hope so!)
Do you want to take the training wheels off your bike?
Do you want to meet the love of your life?

Regardless of your motivation, it is worthwhile compiling your goals for the upcoming year, so that you have something to reflect on and against which to measure your progress.

Personally, among my goals for 2014 are:

  • To get in line for nine straight Queensland victories in the State of Origin
  • To see the sun set over Uluru
  • To reach my target weight of 90kg (I just have to put on 9.8kg)!!

To compile your list of goals for 2014, download your template below:

Download Goal/To Do List For 2014 Documents

pdfGoal/To Do List For 2014 (PDF)       wordGoal/To Do List For 2014 (Word)

Tip #9 of 100 – ‘Tis the season…

‘Tis the season… to take the time to reflect on 2013

As another year draws to a close, you have a fantastic opportunity to reflect on what have been your personal highlights for the past 12 months.

Perhaps it was watching your daughter graduate from Year 12 and kissing her goodbye as she embarked on a week of partying at Schoolies? Or perhaps you were in the crowd watching Harry at the One Direction concert? (But I doubt it!)
You may have reached a significant milestone by signing up your 200th client – and then you celebrated by treating yourself to a new push bike. Or perhaps you went to see Harry and One Direction… again?

Regardless of what events classified as your personal highlights, it is worth taking a few moments to look back over the year and think about the good things that happened to you.

I even go so far as to jot down the top 20 highlights of my year at the end of each year, while the memories are still relatively fresh. They always make interesting reading when you go back to them after a few years have elapsed.

For example, I just found my highlights from 2002.
They included (with apologies to my family):

  • My daughter starting Grade 1 at school
  • My sister’s wedding
  • Our business’s best growth in four years
  • Dinner at the Heritage with my wife
  • Restarting touch after five years away with injury.

This year, I have developed a document to record my highlights for 2013. These are available to download below:

Download Highlights For 2013 Documents

pdfHighlights For 2013 (PDF)       wordHighlights For 2013 (Word)

Tip #8 of 100 Supercharge enquiries from your “For rent”

1374777_227184654109409_1134587345_nSet up a standalone phone line that is advertised ONLY on your “For rent” signs.
Then, when that particular unique “sign line” rings in the office, you know you are dealing with a prospective new tenant who has looked at the property’s location, likes what they have seen, and is probably sitting outside the property while they are making the call.
And with InspectRealEstate.com.au, you can now make your “For rent” signs work 24 hours a day, seven days a week – just by adding information about how to book an inspection online.

Tip #7 – Easily remember where you parked your car

As a property manager, you are constantly driving to lots of different properties and parking your car in many different places.

With such busy days – showing properties and/or doing routine or vacating inspections – you may forget where you have parked your car.

1465148_226419170852624_866737160_n 1393039_226419167519291_814541934_n 995208_226419150852626_776219276_n

With smartphones, remembering is easy – just take a photo of where you have parked your car.
This tip is particularly helpful for remembering where you left your car at the shopping centre or the airport.
You can also use it to remember your hotel room. – take a photo of the number on your door.
One of our favourite episodes of Seinfeld is the one with the car park scene – check it out: